Our Team

Our employees are our most important asset at Next Intent.
Contact us if you want to be part of our team, “Building Really Cool Stuff”.  

Management Team

Rodney Babcock – President – Rodney began his manufacturing career in 1978. His machining experience includes CNC Lathe and Mill, conventional lathes & mills, gear cutting, programmer, tool maker, and pattern maker for resin shell mold process.  He also has experience in developing assembly and test process and procedure to ensure the highest level of quality assurance.Rodney has knowledge of the entire manufacturing process, starting with design concepts, engineering, through prototype and production.  He has experience ramping up large scale operations in the Semiconductor Equipment industry.  Rodney spends time understanding customer needs and requirements, and converting that into a manufacturing process to meet ISO 9001 and AS 9001 standards. Rodney is very passionate about the manufacturing industry, and is a member of the Dean’s Advisory Committee for Engineering at Cal Poly State University.  Rodney loves ultimate frisbee, and his team just won the Summer League 2015. 

Cayse Babcock – CFO – Cayse is one of the founders of Next Intent in 1996. She manages Payroll, A/P and oversees A/R and Human Resources. She keeps the finances in place, and works closely with our CPA.   

Quality Assurance Team

Frank Vettel – Quality Assurance Manager- Frank has been a machinist since 1982.  He has programmed & operated many types of  CNC lathes, vertical and horizontal machining centers.  Frank was hired at Next Intent in 1996; he has been QA Manager and a member of ASQ since 1998.  He is Brown and Sharpe factory trained on our CNC CMM. Frank has a great detailed oriented approach to Quality Assurance. 

David Handshy – Quality Assurance Technician – David has been with Next Intent as of 2011, but he’s not new to machining. David has a wide range of machining experience dating back to 1984. His experience includes metal stamping, plastic injection molds, toolmaking, EDM (sinker and wire), lathes, mills, grinders and assembly. He recently moved into Quality Assurance department to take on CMM inspection & programming.

Desiree Kirkland – Quality Assurance Technician – Desiree has been with Next Intent since April of  2012. She is a key part of Quality Assurance job planning. She creates Process Control Sheets and also QA drawings.

Brian Hallock – Quality Assurance Technician – He is a super diligent caretaker of many documents during the manufacturing process.  Brian has over 20 years experience in Quality Assurance.

Engineering Team

John Wildharber – Sr. Mechanical Engineer / Certified SolidWorks Professional – Started engineering career in 1992 in the semiconductor equipment industry.  He has experience in mechanical engineering including: complete machine design, powertrain, motion control, electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic systems. He has completed all his coursework for his Masters Degree at Cal Poly, and is now working on his thesis, which be completed in 2011. John has a fantastic knowledge of Solidworks, and knows how to include key data in the solid model, as well as how to use GD&T in a practical way. 

Manufacturing Team

Matt Redman –  EDM Specialist / Mfg Process Engineer – Matt has been with Next Intent since 1997.  He began his manufacturing career in 1990, and has experience working in the Aircraft industry. He has worked extensively with Titanium, Stainless and Inconel. He is highly skilled in Wire EDM, Programming, CNC lathes and mills, and Tool and Die design and fabrication. He is highly skilled in developing tools and fixtures for very complex components, such as the actuator components for the James Webb Space Telescope.  

Galen Moyer – CNC Programmer / Sr. Mfg Process Engineer – Began his machining and fabricating career in 1978, in fields including: CNC/manual mill and lathe work, CAD/CAM programming and welding. He has been using GibbsCAM since 1990 trained in Advanced Milling, Solid Surfacing and 5 Axis programming. Galen has been with Next Intent since 1998. He is very detail oriented, and has a great understanding of GD&T, Solid Modeling and tool paths.  

Dale Bruce – Sr. CNC Machinist / VMC Supervisor – He began his machining career in 1978. Master level machinist in CNC machining centers with 4 & 5 Axis, CNC lathes, fixturing and tooling. Dale has the ability to trouble shooting difficult to machine materials, or complex parts of all shapes.  Dale has been with Next Intent since 2000. He was part of a manufacturing team in 1984 that produced the first pelvis implant. He has machined custom medical implants using CAT scans to custom fit the devices. Dale is a mentor to many of the younger machinists at Next Intent, and gladly shares his knowledge and experience to help others.

Richard Ryan – Sr. Machinist / Toolmaker – Richard began his machining career in 1970. He has been with Next Intent since 2002; and is a master machinist, originally trained in England. He works closely with our EDM department building special tooling and fixtures.  His skills and experience cover everything in the shop, also, he is a really nice guy!

Brad Hudson – Sr. Machinist / Fabricator / Facilities Manager – Brad has been in manufacturing since 1987, and with Next Intent since 2007.  Brad has extensive experience with all conventional machine tools and grinders.  He builds fixtures, and performs all types of second operation machining functions. Brad is super optimistic and has a “can do” attitude at all times. He has been trained as an EDM operator, and is also involved with precision assembly work.

Isaac Hudson – Machinist – Issac has been at Next Intent since January,2016.  He has been learning to use the Bridgeport mill with Centroid control of 3 axis. He is now an accomplished machinist / operator for the Haas, Doosan and OKK (Fanuc controls) machine tools .

Vicente Rosales – Machinist / EDM Operator – Vicente has been with Next Intent since 1999. He is a very hard worker, who is always looking to help others anyway that he can.  Vicente has been trained on all of the Sodick EDM machines, which he sets up and runs every day.  Vicente also oversees the part finishing department. He has a keen eye for quality, and is very clever in finding ways to part finish very difficult components.

Vicente Rosales, Jr. -Part Finishing & Assembly – Vicente has a great work ethic. He has been trained by Carmen and Vicente, Sr. in part finishing and assembly of helicoils. Vicente has added honing and final assembly to his resume.  He pitches in everywhere around the shop, and is a great person. We are very glad to have Vicente at Next Intent.

Jesse Hesch- Sr. Machinist – Jesse has been with Next Intent since 2008, and works on both CNC mills and lathes.  He has a great attention to detail, and is very capable setting up and running all of the CNC mills at Next Intent. His past experience comes from the Automotive machine shop industry, which includes ID & OD grinding experience.  Jesse is always looking out for others, and for way which he can help. His machining skills are improving a fast pace, due in part to his motivating personality.

Rory Carter- Sr. Machinist- Rory has been with Next Intent since 2016. He has a great machining background, along with a keen eye for Quality and Lean Manufacturing. Rory tackles 5 Axis machining on our Haas UMC-750 5 Axis machining center. 

Carmen Silva-Guerrero – Part Finishing & Assembly – Carman has been with Next Intent since Jan. 2001. Carmen has an excellent eye for detail. He has been trained for installation of all types of inserts. Carmen is also trained in the use of our Sunnen Hone.  He is a super hard worker and we are glad to have him on our team.

Juan Vega- Machinist – Juan has been with Next Intent since 2004, where he started in Shipping and Receiving. Since then, Juan returned to school at Hancock College, and took a number of courses related to machining and mathematics.  He is now full machinist at Next Intent working on CNC Lathes and our Mori Seiki Mill / Turn machining centers. Juan is a super cool guy who cheers for the Dallas Cowboys no matter how they are playing.

Jacob Trevino-CNC Machinist – Jacob’s background included 4 years in the US Marines Corps. He has lots of CNC Lathe experience, and is putting that to work on a number of the CNC lathes at Next Intent. He is very focused, and is quickly learning how to setup and run the Mori Seiki mill /turn lathe.

Anthony McLean-CNC Machinist – Anthony has been with Next Intent since 2013, and works on both CNC mills and lathes.  He has a great attention to detail, and is very capable setting up and running all of the CNC mills at Next Intent. Allen Hancock trained CAD machinist. He is constantly thinking about ways to improve machining processes and lower setup and cycle times.

Jason Woods-CNC Machinist- Jason has been with Next Intent since 2013, and works on both CNC mills and lathes.  He has a great attention to detail, and is very capable setting up and running all of the CNC mills at Next Intent. He has improved his skills to include the OKK – VC X350 5 Axis machining center.


Operations Team

Susanne Swaggerty – Customer Service / Project Management – Susanne started at Next Intent in Nov. 2010. She has been in the accounting field since 1999, when she got her B.S. in Business Administration from Cal Poly. Susanne is in charge of  A/P, A/R and is vital to the customer service, quoting, and training programs here at Next Intent. Susanne also works with our supply chain for RFQ’s.

Jon-Erik Hylee- Purchasing – Jon-Erik started at Next Intent in May of 2012. His prior machining and manufacturing experience includes both mills and lathes, and thread rolling. Ben moved to head up the purchasing department where he keeps Next Intent supplied with materials and tools. 

Charmaine Smith – Administrative / Quoting Assistant- Charmaine joined Next Intent in April, 2018. She is very smart, and is helping with quoting and administrative duties and projects. 

Matt Hammond – Shipping/Receiving – Matt started at Next Intent in August of 2017. He is very detail oriented and is doing a great job in shipping / receiving.

Chase Hicks – Shipping/Receiving – Chase started at Next Intent in August of 2017. He is assisting Matt in shipping/receiving.